Well, everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion. I chose to stand with KDF to my last breath. I know my heart can’t let me down, I always follow it.
   For the last three months some fellow Kenyans chose to over magnify the purported KDF’s sugar and charcoal scandle in Somalia. Seriously how true is that? Most definitely no one knows, I leave that for God and the KDF themselves.


   As fellow country men we can always choose to expose every evil, incompetence and impunity in the government but what should overweight everything is our genuine patriotism. Even POTUS himself on his last visit to Kenya put it clearly that patriotism is standing and supporting the government when wrong or right but especially when it goes wrong. I don’t really know how to interpret that so I rest my case.
    Flashing back, remember what the British soldiers were accused of doing in West Africa, raping young girls and women and killing innocent civilians. Remember what they were also accused of doing here in Kenya while in their training camp in Nanyuki. On the contrary these people are well celebrated in their homes, treated as heroes.
    Our very own KDF are recognized internationally, it is indeed having the mightiest fighting power.


They have tried by all means to liberate Somalia out of Al Sshabaab militia’s hand. They have made the country more habitable by her locals and foreigners. What really burns me up is sometimes people try to politicize this.   We focus so much on their weakness and forget to appreciate what they are doing. We don’t see the hardships they go through having left their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives and children home. I think until we are placed on the war front then we can learn to appreciate what they go through to make us feel safe. This is indeed a deeply rooted profession, more of God’s calling.


    Do you even wana think that our brave and patriotic men and women train that hard to go sell charcoal in Somalia???? It’s high time we embrace mental sobriety as Kenyans. I think we are now easily falling to Al Shabaab’s cheap propaganda to disown our heroes. I DO AND WILL ALWAYS STAND WITH THE KENYA DEFENCE FORCES.


   0725488802 /0790411960


Lincolnjr GhettoHype blog.


4 thoughts on “I STAND WITH KDF.”

  1. do we sometyms really think of the real celebrities in kenya??i bliv every cop is a celebrity n i celebrate them today saying kudos for their good work….Linc thanx for recognizing them it makes me proud to hv a dad who is a cop

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  2. I love the spirit bro, its indeed our solemn obligation with combined efforts of each and every individual to stand with our own beloved kdf forces no matter what comes their way.#teamkenya #teamghetto

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